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Listen To Matt Discuss Season Six On Sirius Radio

Matt Czuchry and Entertainment Weekly talk character development, story arcs, and what it takes to make The Good Wife come to life.


TV Fanatic

Season Six Episode Eight Was A Game Changer

“Major props to Matt Czuchry tonight. He absolutely shined in his scenes and deserves some serious consideration come award season.”


TV Fanatic

Czuchry Talks About The Challenges Of His Season Six Storyline

Matt discusses his character’s strength, trauma, and moral ambiguity in the face of pending jail time.


A.V. Club

Matt’s Performance In Season Six Is Gaining the Critics Attention

“Czuchry… continues to showcase some of his best work, convincingly selling the weight of Cary’s downward spiral.”


USA Today

The Good Wife Just Keeps Getting Better

In its sixth season, the legal drama raises the bar, unafraid to talk politics and morality at the table.


The Daily Beast

The Good Wife’s Secret Weapon: Matt Czuchry

“Matt Czuchry might be getting one of the biggest breaks of his career.”


TV Guide

The Good Wife Is A Top 10 Must See Show

“Most riveting, Cary (the undersung Matt Czuchry) finds himself in unexpected legal jeopardy.”


TV Line

Matt Czuchry Is Listed Among The Performers Of The Week

“We were left with another unbelievable sight, courtesy of Matt Czuchry: a scared, confused man where there was once a confident, take-charge lawyer.”


Gold Derby

Emmy MVP Matt Czuchry Gives Arresting Good Wife Performance

“Broken, emotional, and afraid for his life… this is Czuchry’s most impressive performance of the entire series.”


TV Guide

Czuchry Reveals Details On The Incredibly Traumatic Season Six Premiere

Matt discusses his research and preparation for his key season six storyline.



Time Calls The Season Six Premiere “A Stunner”

“It’s the way it goes down—the knife, the businesslike cut, the way Matt Czuchry chokes out ‘guard’—that’s as frightening as anything.”


Gold Derby

Emmy MVP Matt Czuchry Gives Arresting Good Wife Performance

“Broken, emotional, and afraid for his life… this is Czuchry’s most impressive performance of the entire series.”


Hollywood Reporter

Matt Czuchry Discusses The Intricacies Of Getting Into Character

Czuchry talks about how his character’s arrest in the season six premiere changed everything in an instant.


Twitter News

Matt Czuchry Does A Live Twitter Event For The Season Six Premiere

“Poor Cary” trends worldwide.


A. V. Club

A.V. Club Calls Czuchry’s Storyline: “Fascinating” “Dark” “Powerful” And “Emotional”

“Watching Cary’s face in the episode is like watching a flan collapse in a cupboard — a slow and inevitable deflation…. It’s fucking terrifying.”


TV Fanatic

Matt’s Performance In The Season Six Premiere Is Praised By The Critics

“Czuchry so fully embraced the confusion, fear and utter what the hell feeling of Cary’s situation that I could not stop bristling.”



Matt Talks Life’s Breakthrough Moments In This GQ Exclusive

Matt Czuchry Does A Campaign For The Swiss Watch Manufacture Zenith.


Entertainment Weekly

Matt Czuchry Hits The Center Of The Bullseye

Czuchry’s performance in the critically acclaimed season five finale is recognized by EW.


NY Post

Season Five Ends With An Epic Finale

Czuchry discusses why season five of The Good Wife has touched a nerve with so many.


CBS Watch!

Matt’s Paris Photo Shoot Revisited

Czuchry’s photo shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth is selected as one of the most memorable in the history of CBS Watch!


TV Line

Matt Czuchry Is Listed Among The Shinning Stars Of The Week

“As Cary brutally laid into the self-proclaimed shmuck’s client… Czuchry’s eyes burned with gleeful malevolence.”


Twitter News

Matt’s Character Cary Agos Trends On Twitter

Matt Czuchry delivers work that universally connects with fans in the Good Wife episode titled The Last Call.


TV Line

Uncomfortably Numb

Matt Czuchry provides “one of the most delicious moments in Good Wife history.”


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Listen To Matt Czuchry On Sirius Radio

Entertainment Weekly chats with Matt about his character’s leadership, defining strength, and constantly evolving arc on The Good Wife.


Brothers on Life

Matt’s Book Available For Purchase

Brothers On Life™ is a journey into the mind and soul written by Matt Czuchry and Dr. Mike Czuchry.


CBS Watch!

Matt Czuchry Does Photo Shoots In London and Paris

Matt Czuchry travels to London and Paris for two Watch Magazine cover photo shoots with photographers Keiron O’Conner and Ellen Von Unwerth.



Matt Czuchry Is Listed As A Breakout Star

Esquire raves, “This has been his season to shine.”



Matt Czuchry Is On People’s Chatter Page

Matt chats about bourbon, London, DMB, and what makes him feel like a kid at heart.


People, Time, US Weekly, TV Guide

The Good Wife Is On All The Critic’s Top 10 Lists For 2013

Matt Czuchry shines with the critics in season five of The Good Wife.


TV Guide Magazine

Matt Czuchry Is On The Hot List

Czuchry talks about Cary and Alicia’s new risky bond in season five of The Good Wife.



The Good Wife Is The Program Of The Year

Czuchry’s storyline is singled out as a defining moment for the year in Television.


Hollywood Journal

The Mind, Body, Soul Perspective

Matt talks about the human condition within his life and work.


Zap 2 It

Audiences Left In Awe After Good Wife Episode Titled Hitting The Fan

It’s war between Matt’s new firm and Lockhart/Gardner on The Good Wife in season five.


E! TV Scoop

The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry Teases Season Five Bitter Rivalry

Czuchry reveals details about the new creative energy flowing through the entire cast of The Good Wife.


LA Times

Czuchry Discusses The Amazing Buzz Surrounding Season Five Of The Good Wife

Matt chats with the LA Times about one of the greatest episodes in the long history of The Good Wife.


CBS Watch!

Czuchry Discusses Perseverance In Life And Career

Matt talks wellness, The College of Charleston, and his charity work with the USO.



Sirius Radio

Listen to Matt on Sirius Radio

Entertainment Weekly And Matt Czuchry Discuss The Critic’s Favorite Good Wife Season Five Episode.


TV Fanatic

Critics Love Season Five Twist

“It’s no understatement to say that Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife may be the best hour of television you’ll see this fall.”


Live! With Kelly And Michael

Czuchry Visits With Daytime’s Dynamic Duo Of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

Matt chats about his book, The Good Wife, and his move from Tennessee to Los Angeles to become an actor.


CBS Radio

Listen To Matt On CBS Radio

Matt discusses Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, and his process for creating characters.


The Insider: London

A Day In London With Matt Czuchry

Matt plays tour guide and visits all the famous London sights.


Entertainment Weekly

Czuchry discusses the surprising season four finale cliffhanger

Matt Czuchry chats to EW about what he hopes fans will take away from the end of season four.


TV Guide

Season MVPs: The Year’s Best

Matt Czuchry is picked as one of the most intriguing actors on TV.


TV Guide

Vive la resistance

Matt Czuchry chats about the behind the scenes details of the shocking season four Good Wife finale.



The risky season four cliffhanger opens the door for huge changes

Matt Czuchry talks about what the season four cliffhanger means for the show and how it will open up the sex lives of its characters.



Cary and Kalinda are…“GOLD”

Vulture calls the Cary and Kalinda relationship, “dynamic and hot and complicated and everything this show does well and always needs more of.”


EW Must List

Matt Czuchry’s Episode On The Good Wife Is Number One On The Must List

EW picks The Good Wife’s episode Running With The Devil as the best in entertainment for the week.


TV Guide Canada

Czuchry talks about Cary’s career trajectory, father, and his character’s relationship with Kalinda

Matt Czuchry discusses the end of season four of The Good Wife.


TV Line

Matt Czuchry On What Makes Cary Re-evaluate His Future

Matt Czuchry discusses a defining episode in season four of The Good Wife.


CBS Watch!

Matt Czuchry Talks About His Generation’s Style Setters, Modern Stars, And Film Legends

They may make it look easy, but these handsome stars are serious when it comes to style.


Operation Appreciation

Matt Czuchry sends his love to U.S. Military families across the world

Matt Czuchry joins a growing list of actors, directors, producers, writers, and more, all lending their voice to an important cause.


Hollywood Life

Matt Czuchry at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Hollywood Life catches up with Matt Czuchry to discuss The Good Wife on the red carpet.


USA Weekend

Who’s Hot In Hollywood

The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry is teaming with his brother Mike, a psychology professor, for the book Brothers on Life.


New York Vulture

The Good Wife’s Cary Relieved to Be Back at the Firm

Matt Czuchry’s just as relieved as you are to see Cary rejoin beleaguered firm Lockhart Gardner.



Out to Lunch with: Matt Czuchry

Czuchry, 34, just co-wrote Brothers on Life, a psychological reflection on the sibling bond, with his professor brother, Mike.


CBS Watch!

A Tale of Two Brothers

A Good Wife star and his brother write a book of short stories, sprung from childhood.


TV Guide

The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry on Cary’s Return

Cary was welcomed back to Lockhart & Gardner on Season 3’s penultimate episode.



Matt Czuchry’s ‘Wife’ Lessons

Personal growth is something that Matt Czuchry is endlessly fascinated by — and not just in his character, but also within himself.


TV Line

The Good Wife Scoop with Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry discusses the The Good Wife and the Gilmore Girls feature film.


Entertainment Weekly

Matt Czuchry: Personality Quiz

He writes. He acts. But can he make it through EW’s Personality Quiz?


August Man

Matt Czuchry Does Photo Shoot For Malaysian Magazine

Matt Czuchry talks about about how he became an actor in the latest issue of August Man.


Intouchables Premiere

Matt Czuchry Attends The Intouchables

Matt Czuchry hits the red carpet at Alice Tully Hall in New York City.


Herald Sun

Successful Revenge in Legal Drama

SUCCESS is the best revenge. Just ask Matt Czuchry, who plays Cary Agos on The Good Wife.


CBS Watch!

Matt Czuchry Does A Photo Shoot In Paris With Ellen Von Unwerth

Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi talk about their roles on The Good Wife.


SAG Awards

SAG Awards: The Good Wife’s Matt Czuchry will party on the plane

What would Matt Czuchry of  The Good Wife like to hear from another actor? “Great work, complex work.”


Wall Street Journal Live

Matt Czuchry Discusses His Role on The Good Wife

Matt Czuchry gives a personal perspective on his role and character on The Good Wife.


SAG Awards

Matt Czuchry Opens 18th SAG Awards® Red Carpet

Matt Czuchry opens the red carpet at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center for the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.


CBS Watch!

Archie Panjabi & Matt Czuchry for CBS Watch! Magazine on ET

A behind the scenes look at CBS Watch! Magazine photo shoot with The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi & Matt Czuchry.


TV Line

Exclusive First Look At Photo Shoot

Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi heat up CBS Watch! Magazine.


Charleston Post & Courier

Matt Czuchry at home on The Good Wife

Matt Czuchry relishes the nomad’s life.



Matt Czuchry Is On The Cover Of WWD

Matt Czuchry talks clothes, looking young, and The Good Wife.


Live with Kelly!

Watch Matt On Live With Kelly!

Matt talks everything from magic tricks to getting his start in acting.



Matt Czuchry is in People Magazine’s Sexist Man Alive issue

Up close with Matt Czuchry.


Entertainment Weekly

Matt wins EW Best Supporting Actor Award

A letter to my fans, I have been extremely fortunate to have incredibly special fans support my work throughout my career.


The Envelope

Matt Czuchry: Awards Tracker

Czuchry: I would love for the audience to have a new window into who Cary is through the lens of his personal and family relationships.



Matt Czuchry speaks with GQ

Matt Czuchry quietly fuels much of the intrigue that makes every episode feel like the season’s last.


TV Guide

A Day Out With Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry doesn’t like to lose. As Cary Agos — Czuchry displays a fierce competitive streak.


A! Magazine for the Arts

Matt Czuchry Talks About Success and Dedication to the Craft

Once upon a time, Matt Czuchry dreamed of becoming a lawyer. In a quirky twist of fate, he now plays one on television.


H Magazine

Matt Czuchry Makes The Future Of Hollywood List

Matt draws comparisons to Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling in this issue of H Magazine.


Rachael Ray Show

Watch Matt on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray discovers how Matt went from law school to being an actor on The Good Wife.