Matt’s Book

brothers-on-lifeBROTHERS ON LIFE™ is a journey into the mind and soul told through personal reflections, childhood photographs, and the stories of two brothers, actor Matt Czuchry (“The Good Wife” & “Gilmore Girls”) and psychology professor Dr. Mike Czuchry.

Told in three acts, these pages of youth, death, philosophy, spirituality, and love are used to tap into the universal connectedness we all share when experiencing the complexities of our individual lives. Each piece is what you need. Each piece is what you see. All in an effort to unlock the dreams and imagination of that child within.

What will you uncover about your own life when tapping into the essence of the collective?



“For anyone with a brother, sister, best friend, and a childhood. This is a collection of amazing, heartfelt stories of imagination and wonderment. Letting you into a world of dreams and aspirations. Discovering new hopes and paying homage to the past from the eyes of an adult with the heart of a younger brother. Referencing music to a time of innocence and influence. His uplifting words are poignant and eloquent. There is such an honesty about these stories that you can’t help but be inspired in some way. I read it 3 times in a row, cover to cover. There is something for everyone and throughout all of these there is so much more than just Matt the actor, than Matt the Poet, than Matt the Friend. Do yourself a favor and check “BROTHERS ON LIFE” out. Read it on a day you are feeling down or need a lift. I promise it will make your day better. Best $9.99 Ive ever spent.” – R. Lam


“True confession: Throughout my life I’ve read prose, not poetry. But these free-verse tales, these moments taken from the life of two brothers, have moved me and touched my heart beyond what I could have imagined. My personal favorites? “Blood Brothers,” “Bulldozers,” “Fulfilled,” “Bottle It Up,” and “End to End.” I recommend this book to anyone who has ever lived (how’s that for a demographic group?), for the Czuchry brothers know how to put into words what you’ve been through, in a way that will make you treasure your life even more.” – L. Smith


“A gorgeous collection of poems and essays. The Czuchry brothers have compiled an inspirational little collection here. Intriguing, brave, and challenging. I chose to read a few pages every evening to end the day on a positive and reflective note. You won’t be disappointed.” – E. Quinn


“I must admit that poetry is generally not my flavor when sitting down for a read. However, a friend recommended that I give this a look and so I did. To say that I was presently surprised would be a tremedous understatement. What I found was a very special perspective on life, love, family, youth and the power of a truely connected sibling relationship. Many times I found myself lost in the words of the authors’ so deeply. The imagery had such power in certain instances that I had to stop reading for a moment because the memories of my own life kept seeping in so vividly. If you’re looking for something unique and a book that will make you remember such poignant moments from your childhood and your current experiences, “Brothers on Life” will quench your thirst. Just beautiful.” – S. Swineheart